Friday, July 25, 2014

The Essential Reward Program

So you’re ready to order more oils?  Here is my recommendation for purposefully building a cabinet that will provide you with what you need, when you need it, while planning for your spending. (First, make sure you’re a wholesale distributor instead of a retail customer so you’re getting that 24% discount!)

Ensure that you always have the benefits of your favorite Young Living products with the convenience of Essential Rewards, where products are shipped hassle free to your door! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Young Living’s Essential Rewards Program!
This program is available exclusively to Young Living Independent Distributors and offers many benefits.

Essential Rewards Benefits
  • Guaranteed monthly shipments of your favorite Young Living products
  • Discounted pricing on exclusive product packages
  • Reduced shipping rates
  • Points for free products earned on every order
  • Additional compensation and bonus rewards
Essential Rewards Points
Earn points for future product purchases with every Essential Rewards order. As your months with Essential Rewards increase, so do your rewards!
Months On Essential Rewards and Points Earned
1-6 Months – 10% of order point value (PV)
7-12 Months – 15% of order point value (PV)
13+ Months – 20% of order point value (PV)
For example, when you place an Essential Rewards order in the first six months of your participation in the program with $200 (200PV), earn 20 points ($20.00) to redeem for free products. The more you order, the more points you can redeem for free Young Living products. (Maximum points to be redeemed is 350 points in a calendar month). The points accumulate each month and you simply call Young Living to cash them in for your free products!
There is a $50.00/ 50 PV minimum order to participate in the auto-ship program. This is so awesome because you never run out of your favorite products while you accumulate points for more free products. Young Living also put together some convenient kits for us who participate in the program.

Exclusive Essential Rewards Packs

Young Living put together some great Essential Rewards packs to get started with at the time of enrollment.  When you select your membership starter kit you have the option of also enrolling in the Essential Rewards Program.  Pick from our Home, Wellness, Beauty, Balance, and Lifestyle Kits all priced at $139 / 139 PV or place an Essential Reward Order of 50 or more PV.

How To Join The Program
NON YL MEMBERS: Simply choose one of these convenient kits above when you enroll with your starter kit. After that you can order any products you want or pick one of the above kits each month.
YL MEMBERS: Independent Distributors (wholesale members) can participate in Essential Rewards Program anytime by calling Young Living 1-800-371-3515 or contact your Sponsor for Instructions.

Flexible Program
  • Change the products every month
  • Change processing date every month
  • Cancel/restart at anytime (make sure you cash in your points if you cancel)
Creative Ways To Participate
  • TRANSFER BUY- Replace Current Toxic Household, Beauty and Personal Care Products With Young Living’s
  • CONSUMABLES- Create a Healthy Lifestyle with Supplements and Ningxia Red that you would purchase often
  • WISH LIST- As you fall in love with Young Living Products keep a list of things you want or run out of to purchase
Young Living Members TIP: Log into your virtual office and click the essential rewards tab to set up the program. All Essential Rewards Orders will be modified and placed by clicking this tab. The tab is located on the left side of your back office. First time you set up the credit card, shipping date, add your products and CLICK SAVE. Once it is set up all you have to do is modify your products or shipping date.

Young Living Business Leaders: If you are sharing the products or opportunity of Young Living remember your only investment / overhead is your minimum order of $100 / 100 PV Essential Rewards Order. So below you will see in your first 1-6 months 10% of 100 is $10.00 credit. Then in when you are in the program for 7-12 months you get 15% of 100 and that is $15.00 credit. Then after 13 months of being in the program you get 20% of 100 and that is $20.00.  So as you can see this is very exciting. Every three months I call Young Living and cash in my points for free products. We are in love with the products that I actually spend at least 100- 200 per month. Usually I spend 50-100 for our family and then I order the rest for gifts for christmas, birthdays, mother’s day, hostess’s gifts etc. So I am getting $40-$60 dollars every month of free products! If you see someone making orders of $50.00 or more give them a call and share this program with them so they don’t miss out! Also if someone places a huge order ever few months of $200 then you can also suggest this program and help spread out their order so they can get some free products!

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