Friday, July 25, 2014

Young Living Wholesale Member FAQs

It is so easy to join Young Living to receive wholesale prices. Here are some frequently asked questions that may help clarify some things for you…

Why Should I Become A Independent Distributor?

Great question! This is a fabulous option that provides you 24% off retail price! As you use the oils and you share your testimonials with friends and family, you have the option {zero pressure!} of earning commissions when others join and purchase Young Living oils. Win-win!
Is there a monthly order minimum?
Yes, you need to place an order a minuim of 50pv monthly (which is not hard to do, trust me.:)) If you happen to miss a month Young Living does bestow a "Grace Month". Here are some more facts....
  • Helps you to gradually build an oils cabinet 
  • Save with $6.98 flat shipping charge up to 5 lbs.
  • Change shipping date each month according to your needs
  • Completely flexible – change everything or order each month (or order your favorites again!)
  • Earn points on each order to redeem for free product (based on a percentage of your order’s product volume)
  • Earn 10% of your order’s product volume in points for the first six consecutive months, 15% for the next six consecutive months, and 20% for 13 consecutive months and thereafter on Essential Rewards
  • No risk – cancel at any time (make sure you use any available points before canceling)
  • One grace month per year – you can call and skip one month if the need arises
  • Ordering 50 PV or more on a monthly basis makes sure you are eligible for every bonus and commission given when you have others ordering under you in your downline.
  • Access to exclusive discounted Essential Rewards kits (including Thieves, Ningxia Red, A.R.T. and more.)
What kit do you recommend that I get started with?
I highly recommend the Premium Kit {see the graphic below!} because it gets you the most bang for your buck! You receive the 10 Everyday Oils {that I shared above}, PLUS a 5ml Stress Away,PLUS a Roller Fitment which allows you to make any essential oil bottle a roll-on, PLUS 10 popular essential oils samples, PLUS 2 packs of Ningxia Red, PLUS a Home Diffuser!! That’s over $300 value for $150! Amazing! It’s the best deal of it’s kind.
I just really want to use oils myself. Do I have to sell Young Living products to be a wholesale member?
NO. There are ZERO obligation to sell oils when you join as an wholesale member. However, if you ever change your mind, you can jump right in. :) I provide business support and education to help you get your business off the ground should you decide to go that direction.
If someone wants to join Young Living through me, what do I give them?
When you join, you will be assigned your own member number to give to your friends and family who are interested in joining as well.
Is there a way to save even more money? 
Yes! The Essential Rewards program offers reduced shipping, credit for free oils & more!  Plus each month there are great promotions for free oils when you place an Essential Rewards order. I love free stuff!
Young Living also has monthly promotions and sales which enable you to build up your “oily arsenal” on a budget.
Will you walk me through how to to join Young Living Essential Oils?
It is my pleasure to do so. Just comment below or email me at
What kind of support do I get after joining Young Living through you?
Well, let me just say that I am THRILLED about this part! When you join Young Living through me, I don’t leave you hanging or wondering what to do next.  I post weekly on this blog with personal experience, tips, recipes and general information about Young Living and their wonderful products! And of course if you have any questions that are not answered on this blog please feel free to email me at

Step by step instructions on how to join Young Living Essential Oils:

1.Click on the picture to begin the enrollment process. It’s super easy!
2. I highly recommend the Independent Distributor. There are NO strings attached for being a wholesale member. You aren't required to order monthly or anything. It is AMAZING! If you select “Retail Customer” you will not receive wholesale pricing, you won’t have access to starter kits and you will pay retail cost which is 24% more than wholesale.
3. Make sure my member number {1293314} is in both the Sponsor ID and Enroller ID spots.
4. Be sure to include your email address. That way  I will know when you have signed up and I can make contact with you.
5. Choose the kit you want. {I highly recommend the Premium Kit.} Now check out.

6. Next make sure to go to the Essential Rewards tab and place your first order of 50 PV or more. That way you can get started with the ER program right away so you won't forget about it.:) Also make sure to set-up and axiomatic date for your monthly shipment! Then proceed to check out. 
7. That’s it! Your oils will be on their way to your doorstep!

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