Saturday, August 2, 2014

An Oiler's Musings: Thieves Household Cleaner, Diffusing Joy, Peppermint for a Headache and Leg Pain, Hydrating with Lemon Water!

Hello Everyone!
Every other Saturday I plan on posting my weekly experience with Young Living's Essential Oils! I hope to encourage you to use your oils daily and regularly.
So here is my first weekly " An Oiler's Musings" post!! Let me know your thoughts and what you think of this blog series.

Monday: Our cat threw up on our carpet that we had just recently cleaned.:) So I immediately got our awesome Thieves Household cleaner, and got on Pinterst to look up how to properly proportion the cleaner and water for carpet use. I did 1/2 capful of the cleaner in 3 cups of water. I poured a little bit of it in the 3 trouble spots and then placed a clean towel over the spot and stepped on it a couple times. Within a minute the spot was completely dry and it looked like it had never been soiled! Also the odor was gone!! Then I was able to use the rest of the mixture to mop the kitchen floor.:) Win, win!!! Gotta love that cleaner.:) Thank you Young Living!

Tuesday: Just love the smell of Joy! It is now my favorite oil to diffuse. Consider ordering it next month in your Essential Reward order, you won't be disappointed, trust me.:)

Wednesday and Thursday: My brother Luke's legs were bothering him  (and of course he didn't tell me.:)) So Wednesday night I smelled Peppermint as I was heading to my bedroom. I asked him what he was doing and he explained his situation, it gave me great delight to know that he had already started with oils! 
Thursday: I had a terrible headache; after walking into a home that was burning some awful stuff, so when I got home I rubbed some peppermint on my forehead and neck and it gave me relief!
 We use our Peppermint a lot. I order it almost every month through our Essential Reward order. We love PEPPERMINT!!! How do you use your Peppermint? Does it get a lot of use in your household?

Friday: I love drinking water; and adding a delicious citrus oil is even more inviting. Plus it helps keep a balanced weight and can aid in cravings and portion management!

I hope this post spurs you on to using your oils on a more regular basis.
This by all means is not everything I used oil wise for this week, but this was all I could remember off the top of my head.:) Have you discovered a new YL product that you have fallen in love with this week? How often do you use your oils?  

Have a blessed weekend!

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