Thursday, August 21, 2014

Easy Essential Oil Bug Spray

As I mentioned in a post sometime ago my   brother went on an all day hike a couple weeks ago. I was so thrilled to have the opportunity  to try a new bug spray recipe and have him test it out! 
He said it worked so good that they didn't have one bug encounter their whole hike.:) Or maybe it was just because it wasn't bug season there?! 
Anyway the mixture smells divine and it seemed to stay on the skin for a good while. I will be able to try it better at our church's upcoming Family Camp. 
 I looked for a while for a good and easy bug spray online and decided this was the best one. Mainly because it didn't call for Vodka (which we didn't have, and I didn't want to buy it just for bug spray.:)) and it used  a lot of essential oils which some other recipes didn't, also I love the clean feeling of witch hazel on skin!
Let me know if you all try it.
Do you have a favorite bug spray mixture using essential oils?

Easy Bug Spray
12 drops Purification
8 drops Peppermint
6 drops Lavender
4 drops Thieves
1/2 ounce witch hazel (optional – gives it staying power)
Filtered water

4 oz glass or stainless steel spray bottle
Put the essential oil drops in first, then add the witch hazel if you choose and fill with filtered water. Shake well, spray liberally and feel good about the fact you are not covering yourself in toxic chemicals.
Happy oiling,

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